Ghost Quilt - Pattern by Then Came June and Pen and Paper Patterns

I am excited to share my latest make, the Ghost quilt by Then Came June and Pen and Paper Patterns! You can find the pattern here.ombre ghost Halloween quilt

My friend Jenny from Sew Jen Quilts made this version a few years ago, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. Jenny was so kind and shared a blog post with all of her colors and fabrics used. She used a mix of Art Gallery Fabrics and Ruby Star Society. You can find her post here

I decided to use all Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Solids to make my ombre ghost quilt and have shared all of the names below! It was such a fun one to make, even though I accidentally sewed all of the eye units on upside down (cue the forehead slap). 

My ghost quilt was quilted by Two Crazy Stitches, and it is *chefs kiss*! I love the panto we went with.  

My daughter has already claimed this quilt, as she looooves "little ghosties". I am so happy she like it! 

 I used Art Gallery Fabrics Sweet Macademia for the background and it is the PERFECT creamy pink color.  

Here are the details with all the fabrics! Remember, they are all Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Solids.

ghost quilt fabrics used



colorful quilt



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