Holiday Pillow Tutorial


I am so excited to share this tutorial with you! I will be showing you how to make this holiday lumbar pillow. It is the perfect size to make a statement on your couch and cozy up with a warm drink! 

This project was part of a very special event hosted by Sharon Holland. Every year Sharon hosts the most inspirational "Gifting Handmade" showcase where several talented makers share their favorite handmade gifts. Talk about the ultimate inspiration! I feel so blessed to be one of Sharon's testers and makers. For the event we use all fabric designed by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics - SWOON! Sharon is such a talented designer and has the most INCREDIBLE fabrics to use. I listed all the ones used in my blocks below. See all of the posts on Sharon's blog here. 

For this pillow I am using my Christmas FPP patterns. You can find them all here, they come in individual patterns or as a bundle. I made each one in the 10" size.

If you are new to FPP, don't stress! I have a YouTube tutorial that walks you through step by step here. 

For this tutorial you will need:

(4) - 10" Christmas blocks

(3) - 1" x 10.5" background pieces

(2) - 3" x 42" background pieces

(1) - 15.5" x 42" batting piece 

(1) - 15.5" x 42" lining piece TIP: I usually use cheaper fabric for this piece, as no one will see it.

(2) - 10" x 42" Pillow back pieces

(1) - 14" x 40" Pillow Form

Start by laying out your blocks in whatever order you want them in. Next, sew the blocks right sides together with a 1" x 10.5" in between them following the photo below. Press seams towards the background fabric. 

Next, sew the 3" x 42" background pieces to the top and bottom of the unit. You will cut these pieces down once the unit is quilted, but I like to have extra to begin with as I always get some shrinkage during quilting. 

We are ready for quilting! Make a quilt sandwich by laying your lining fabric right side down, then your batting, and then your pillow top piece laying right side up. Pin or spray baste to keep the layers together and quilt however you desire! I went with a 1" grid. 

Once your piece is quilted we are going to trim it down. Trim to measure 14.5" x 42" by taking evenly from each side. 

Let's make the back piece now. Take your two 10" x 42.5" pillow back pieces and fold one long side 1/2" under and press. Next, sew that edge down with a, 1/8" seam allowance. 

Once you have sewn each back piece, lay your pillow front right side up. Then, lay each backing piece right side down and line up the edges. The middle will overlap! Pin together and sew all the way around the pillow with a 1/4" seam allowance. 

Trim each corner and turn the piece right side out. Your pillow is done! Fill with your pillow form and enjoy! 

Fabrics used (All Art Gallery Fabrics designed by Sharon Holland):

Flights of fancy - Peach

Flights of fancy - Amber

Late Bloome

Past and Present Sentimental

Charmed Sky


Nordic Knit

Pine Hill

Dotted Veil Ballerina

Dotting Winter

Sweet Macadamia







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  • Diane Gill on Nov 09, 2023

    Liz, these are the cutest patterns! I love that they come is multiple sizes.

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