Patchwork Bow Tutorial

Welcome to my Scrappy Summer Sewing Series where every week I share a fun and easy way to use up your scraps! This is episode one, check back each week for a new tutorial! 

Today we are making a Patchwork Bow, it is super easy! I have been so excited to share this tutorial with you, these are so fun to make and come together fast. Imagine a 4th of July or Halloween one! I will definitely be making one of these for every holiday and season. 

The best part is you can use them for so many things! Hang them on a wreath, make several for a banner, use them in your hair, or even add them to clothing. They are super easy to customize and make any size you want!

To start, you will need to determine what size you want to make. I wanted mine really big so mine is 2 yards long. I recommend getting a ribbon or piece of toilet paper and making a bow to your desired size. Then unravel it and measure how long that is.

We will be using 2.5" squares in rows of 3. I used 37 rows on each side, so 74 rows total and 222 squares. I used two charm packs for this. The fabric I used is the new Bloomberry Collection from Minki Kim for Riley Blake Designs.

If needed, cut your squares to 2.5" and sew RST in rows of three. Press the seams in one direction so you can nest them in the next step.

I laid mine out so I could make sure I liked the combinations, but feel free to just do it super random and scrappy!

Next you're going to sew the rows together RST, nesting the seams. Sew as many as you need to get your desired length. Remember that you are making two sides, so two separate long rows.

Press seams to one side on one piece, and the opposite side on the other piece so that you can nest them.

Pin your two long pieces RST making sure your seams are nesting.

Make a mark on the ends with your desired "V" cut. You can make is as deep or shallow as you like. Decide on how high you want it to "V" and make a mark in the center. Then draw a ling from the center mark to the bottom corner, and repeat on the other side. You will sew ON this line.

Starting on one long edge, sew the two pieces together with a 1/4" seam.

*Leave a 4" gap in the middle of one long side to pull it right side out. Backstitch at the start and end of the gap.

When you get to a short edge, sew the "V" on the line you drew.

When you have sewn all the way around, trim 1/4" away from your drawn line, and then trim your corners. You will also want to make a small cut going towards the center point, being careful not to cut your stitches.

Turn your piece right side out through the gap. Take a pair of sharp scissors and poke out your corners so they are nice and sharp, taking care not to poke through the fabric.

Fold the edges of the gap in 1/4" and topstitch the gap closed.

Give the piece a really good press so it is nice and flat. If desired, topstitch around the entire perimeter of your piece. 

Now it is time to tie it into a bow and use it however you like! Enjoy!

Let me know if you have any questions,


Liza Taylor Handmade 

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  • Judi Kitchens on Jul 08, 2024

    Is there a printed version of the directions? I plan to make several. I love it!

  • Megan Winiarski on Jul 03, 2024

    This is so cute! So pretty!!! Can’t wait to make one!!! Will you please show how you tied your bow! Thank you!! 😊

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