Simple Heart FPP Pattern

Hello! I have a fun and easy new pattern for you. And it is free! 

This Simple Heart Foundation Paper Piecing pattern is a great one for beginners and really fun to make. If you are new to FPP I will link my YouTube channel below.

You can use these templates to make anything you want. I am turning mine into a zipper pouch! I'll have a full tutorial for that next week. 

To start, download the pattern by clicking here

Print the pattern at 100% scale and cut along the dotted line. Find my full tutorial for FPP here:

Piece each section, and then sew section A to B. 


Press the center seam open and combine in any combination you want! I sewed mine together in rows of 3 for a total of 2 rows. I plan to make mine into a zipper pouch. 

When sewing your rows together I recommend pressing the seams in opposite directions so that you can nest the seams.

You are all done! Use these templates to make a zipper pouch, wall hanging, pillow, or sewing machine mat. The possibilities are endless! Can you imagine a full quilt out of these cuties?! 

Thanks for being here! 

- Liza 

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  • Melissa on Jul 11, 2024

    Sew cute Liza!

  • Erica on Jul 11, 2024

    This is so cute 🥰

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